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We understand mornings can be hectic. At ELA we will try to be as flexible as we can to help ease the mornings for our families. However, it should be noted your child has had their breakfast upon drop off in the mornings, this is due to safety reasons. A teacher needs to be present and at hands reach at all times while children are eating in school; this can be difficult when the teachers are greeting parents in the mornings.

All children will receive a mid-morning snack at 9 AM. We can then serve any remaining breakfasts foods at that time. Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to supplement your child’s morning snack.

Snack menus are posted on the website and on the parent board. PLEASE let us know if your child has any ALLERGIES.

 Lunchtime is one our busiest time of the day! All children who are in enrolled full time MUST have a lunch. Please provide a SMALL lunchbox for your child, clearly marked with their first and last name.  We recommend choosing healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, that are easy to serve to speed the serving process.  PLEASE, NO CANDY! Foods wrapped in foil, baggies, or waxed paper “open” more easily than Saran Wrap. We request non-heatable foods, so your child can enjoy their lunch sooner, but we do have access to microwave ovens if food needs warming.

 Children like feeding themselves, but we are concerned about children choking on foods while eating in a group setting.  Apples, grapes, bananas, and pears can be cut and dipped in lemon or pineapple juice to prevent them from discoloring.

 We do not throw any foods away. Uneaten foods in your child’s lunchbox will be offered again during PM snack, this way you can see what your child has or has not eaten.  It may also be a great snack for the ride home!

Remember small amounts of a variety of foods will entertain your child and reduce the amount of uneaten food.

Feel free to write notes to your children and place in their lunch boxes, or add stickers; kids love this!!