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*Birthday Policy

Birthdays at ELA

Birthdays can be important to a preschooler. Having your child’s birthday at ELA is optional. If you choose to celebrate your child’s birthday at school here are some guidelines. Celebrations need to be simple.

If party invitations are distributed on campus, the school requests that all classmates be invited to avoid hurt feelings and harbored resentments. If this is not possible, please invite classmates outside the school environment. Parents are welcome to send a birthday treat for the entire class to be distributed during recess or at lunch, but we ask that you inform the school at least a week ahead that you plan to do this, in part to avoid conflicts with field trips, school projects, and other birthday parties.

We ask you to provide plates and utensils if you are providing food. If you choose to bring a piñata, please provide goody bags for the children. We can provide the rope and stick for the piñata and will gladly help assist if we are able to. However, teachers are needed at-all-times to supervise students, and parents will need to be responsible for putting the piñata up.

Birthday Book Club

Another option, to honor your child’s birthday at ELA and has been a tradition at ELA for children, is to give a book to the school on their special day. This helps us promote a love of books and literacy. Books should be sent birthday-wrapped, so your child can open it at circle time and have it read to the group. It should be a story book that can be read and re-read often. An educational CD, game, or toy is also appreciated.