Happy 30th Birthday ELA!
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Parent's Testimonial

We had a great time (years) in ELA. And we can't thank you enough for all the things that you and the staffs did. I made a little preschool yearbook for Andrienne (from her 1st day of school, fieldtrips, making thanksgiving soups, halloweens, her birthdays at school, christmas programs, spirit week to graduation) and everytime she sees it, she misses the preschool even more.

We will drop by soon to say hi and she can tell you stories about kindergarten.

Regards to everyone.

Dianne Ayos,
(Andrienne's mom)


Summer Program
Date: 7/4/2015
Graduation Practice
Date: 7/4/2015, 9:30 AM 10 AM
Summer Program
Date: 7/5/2015
Graduation Practice
Date: 7/5/2015, 9:30 AM 10 AM
Summer Program
Date: 7/6/2015