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Early Learning Academy provides care, supervision, and academic instruction for children two years of age to pre-Kindergarten. We aim to foster children's cognitive and social growth in a setting where intellect is encouraged through high-quality, explicit, research-based early learning experiences. We aim to maximize each child’s personal growth and development, but we do this with a "soft touch" unlike the academically and socially rigid methods used by some other academic schools. Our caring staff nurtures the children's social and autonomy skills and their physical coordination, and allows them time to explore their special interests.

Through both directed and choice activities, the children gain a wealth of experience during this all-important age when children are most excited about and cognitively most receptive to learning basic concepts. We request that parents partner with us and actively support and extend the learning activities at home through nightly reading, vocabulary-building conversations, active questioning techniques, and experiences which will build knowledge and excitement for learning.

Our 2-year-old class focuses on social skills, motor skills, language skills, and beginning cognitive skills. Children are introduced to learning through fun, thematic units and related music and art activities, but also have plenty of time to explore and develop their own unique interests and to interact freely with other children. We take a limited number of non-potty-trained children, but expect parents to support and actively encourage the potty-training process and intentional vocabulary development.

Our 3/4-year-old classes are actively engaged in activities which foster pre-reading and pre-math skills. Through thematic units, they learn all about the community around them in social, geographical, and scientific terms. The curriculum encourages children to "Wonder, Discover, and Explore" through participation in a variety of directed and hands-on learning activities. Hands-on projects, art, drama, and music complement the themes and provide lots of fun. Language, motor, and social skills are further developed, and positive work habits are encouraged.

Our 4/5-year-old Pre-Kindergarten classes focus on advanced Kindergarten readiness with an emphasis on childhood literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts, complemented by music, art, drama, movement, and Spanish activities. The children participate in a variety of “hands-on” activities and thematic units which provide challenge and encourage creativity and curiosity. Our terrific Saxon curriculum, "I Wonder, Discover, and Explore," leads the children to the point of being able to sound out beginning words and helps them to feel confident in their budding phonics and math skills.

No matter which group your child is in, your child will grow each week in all skill areas through exposure to:
  • Letters & Language Activities
  • Numbers & Math Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Geographical Awareness
  • Circle Time
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music & Movement
  • Dramatic & Creative Play
Our program helps children to make the most of their talents and interests. Come visit us and see for yourself why we have a superior program!